Welcome to the newly established website for the manufacture and distribution of scrubs to non-emergency doctors and nurses and care home staff in the Sherburn, Selby and surrounding areas.

We have been inspired to join this campaign by Scrubhubs and are looking both for volunteers to help in the making and supplying scrubs and for NHS medical  and for care home staff who are not in receipt of scrubs from their trust or employer.

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We have now started the process of recruiting volunteers that such a project will need in order to operate effectively. Essential requirements are:-

  • Someone who has a cutting table or space to cut the fabric
  • Someone with pattern skills to trace up the patterns into s/m/l/xl/xxl
  • Confident sewers who have a sewing machine AND an overlocker so that the garments can have be made to the professional standard our NHS deserve
  • Local people who can travel by foot/ bike/ car and dont mind offering to help with the logistics of delivering  patterns/ fabric or delivering finished items.
  • Someone with local experience to order fabric and elastic and supplies.

Anyone interested can contact Ann Hudson by phone  (07801 827016) or email (hudson.ann@sky.com)

Medical staff

If you are not in receipt of scrubs from your NHS Trust because they are being reserved for emergency staff but want to benefit from their use, we will be offering scrub sets in the familar blue colour and fabric quality.

A scrub set will comprise a top, trousers and a laundry bag so that you can take them off at work, put them in the laundry bag to take home and put them in your washer without handling them again. They can be washed at 65 degrees.

We will be asking for a donation of £20 per scrubs set to our charity account.

On completion of this project we will donate any profit to NHS charities.